Meet our team!

At AGP we believe that to better understand the past, the present, and the future of the world we live in, it is necessary to discover and learn about stories that would otherwise remain untold. This platform is meant to highlight political, social and economic issues in a simple, insightful, and interactive way. Our mission is to provide our readers with brief, high-quality articles with the hope of shedding some light on a variety of topics from all over the world.

Our Team

Flynne Frölich, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief

During her studies, Flynne Frölich specialised in International Relations and Comparative politics as well as global history. As editor of this project, she is committed to providing high-quality articles and strongly believes in the importance of a critical approach to political issues. She is currently working in the field of international humanitarian affairs.

Main research areas: Middle East and Africa, International Migration and Human Rights, Gender Equality.

Giovanni Pezzotti, Co-Founder

In the working sphere, Giovanni Pezzotti collaborates with international actors in the following areas: environmental sustainability, health care policy, public – private governance. He enjoys spending free time playing football, reading, and travelling. These three activities are all closely related to Latin America, which is Pezzotti’s favourite geo-political context for both, real life and research. 

Main research areas: Latin America, Mediterranean Region, Portuguese-speaking African countries. 

Florian Beer, Senior Advisor

During his studies Florian Beer specialised in Comparative Politics and wrote his Bachelor Dissertation on Swing States in the US-Presidential Election 2016. As a student he worked for the NZZ Media group and for CH Media as a journalist. He now works for a political consulting firm in Berlin.

Main research areas: Northern Europe, North America, Elections, Political Culture.

Danai Rossalidis, Creative Associate

As a student of Art History and Political Science, Danai Rossalidis is primarily concerned with the convergence of these two subject areas. In addition, she is passionate about a global perspective which challenges art history in terms of its identity and relevance nowadays.

Danai is currently completing her Bachelors Degree as well as an Internship in an Off-space in Zurich.

Nathalie Herzog-Petropaki, Social Media Mananger

Nathalie is concluding her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Jacob’s University in Bremen. She has always been passionate about social and gender equality which led her to volunteer at a children’s orphanage in Costa Rica a few years ago. She is currently working as a research assistant on a project that wants to facilitate communication between pregnant women and health care personnel.

Biancamaria Cinci, Social Media Content Creator

Biancamaria Cinci is pursuing a B.A. in Communication Sciences at the University of Siena. She is passionate about cinema and music and discovering the world and its cultures. She is currently completing an internship at a local museum, for which she manages the website and the social media accounts.

Freelance contributors:

  • Anahita Amanolahi
  • Robin Walz
  • Dominik Gross
  • Simon Tzourbakis
  • Serena Hollenstein